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Micro-credentials are an ideal option for achieving badges of completion for professional development that can be also placed in LinkedIn accounts.  Whether personal or professional development, micro-credentials indicate that you have developed skills to do a job or specific workplace task. Micro-credentials are offered completely online.  Each micro-credentials completed means you will achieve a completion badge. Some micro-credentials are standalone courses, while others can be grouped into a specific Micro-Qualification (MQ). By completing a group of micro-credentials can obtain a micro-qualification certificate.


Turn yourself into a business asset!

Advance your skills with a comprehensive range of micro-credentials to explore everything from developing and critiquing budgets to job analysis. These micro-credentials are self-guided.

What You Will Take

These micro-credentials will be available for registration at a later date.

SA5051 Developing and Critiquing Budgets
In this online micro-credential, you will explore how budgets impact many aspects of work in a municipality. Learners will learn about Asset Management Planning and how to develop and critique an effective municipal budget.

SA5031 Identifying Fiscal Opportunities and Risks
Learners will explore financial statements, indicators, and how to use data to identify fiscal risks and opportunities within a municipality.

SA5071 Performance Management Plans
Learners will explore the skills essential for planning and executing performance management plans successfully, as well as examine different approaches and systems in a performance management process.

SA5061 Job Analysis
Learners will explore how a well-developed Job Analysis Process can positively impact an organization by determining the duties and skills required to do a job competently.

SA5051 Developing Operational Plans
Learners will explore Operational Plans and the skills required to effectively develop, plan, and implement a successful operational review.

SA5011 Organizational Culture
Learners will explore the organizational structure and promote organizational change through communication and understanding of emotional intelligence, skills, and team dynamics.

SA5021 Time and Stress Management

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