Critical Thinking Skills

Northern Training Division
Credential Earned: Training Certificate
Campus: Distance
Program Length: 4 Hours

In this half-day course, you will learn to recognize the value of gaining insight into one’s critical thinking skills, appreciate the value of utilizing critical thinking skills in their respective organizations, and gain confidence and competence in utilizing critical thinking skills that will result in making dramatically better decisions and solving problems more effectively.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define what is critical thinking and identify their personal “thinking style”
  • Learn characteristics of effective critical thinkers
  • Understand the role of critical thinking in meeting business challenges
  • Learn how to minimize the impact of job pressures on your thinking processes
  • Describe critical thinking using the RED Model (Recognize assumptions, evaluate arguments, draw conclusions) and position the RED Model within a critical thinking framework
  • Relate critical thinking skills to other business skills
  • Learn how to react to presented situations (curiosity instead of emotion)
  • Identify how critical thinking allows for consideration of multiple factors when problem-solving
  • Know how to translate an abstract idea into something tangible
  • Identify barriers to effective critical thinking
  • Learn how to continuously develop critical thinking skills



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