Effective Decision Making Skills

Northern Training Division
Credential Earned: Training Certificate
Campus: Distance
Program Length: 1 Day

This course is taught virtually through Zoom and aims to help you gain confidence in identifying, analyzing and solving actual problems at work, to overcome the stress of making complex decisions, and to discover how to effectively construct arguments to advocate for your own positions.

In this course you will learn how to define decision-making, problem-solving and critical thinking and how to apply a systematic approach to solve problems. You will also learn both qualitative and quantitative critical thinking techniques and to use a variety of thinking skills to anticipate and solve problems.

This course will also help to enhance your ability to understand, articulate, and critique the claims of others. You will also learn strategic, and creative tools for identifying causes and generating solutions, how to employ creativity and lateral thinking as business tools, how to identify logical fallacies, and how to clearly communicate your position about issues with solid evidence.



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