Embracing Generational Differences in the Workplace

Northern Training Division
Credential Earned: Training Certificate
Campus: Timmins
Program Length: 1 Day

This in-person calss is ideal for new or current supervisors and managers to learn strategies to bridge generational gaps and increase collaboration between generations in workplaces. The course includes theory, practical learning exercises and activities as well as discussions to enhance learning. For this course, the minimum number of participants is 8 and the maximum is 18.

Learning Objectives

  • Who is Generation Y and their differences as well as similarities with other generations
  • Generational values, attitudes and their effects on the workplace
  • How to bridge generational gaps/generations working more collaboratively
  • Strategies for retaining Generation Y personnel that will impact current and future organizational success.

Course Benefits

  • A greater appreciation of generational diversity in the workplace.
  • More techniques in managing the younger workforce.
  • Tools to retain and align this younger workforce with the organization’s vision.

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