Future Focused: Work and Job Readiness

Northern Training Division
Credential Earned: Training Certificate
Campus: Distance
Program Length: 1 Week

Cost: Free

Type of Course or Program: Northern College Certificate of Completion



Note: A minimum amount of students must be registered for an intake to run. Students will be notified the week prior whether or not the intake is running


This pre-education, pre-employment course is designed to prepare students for workplace and education expectations increasing student success, employment, and workforce retention rates. The course is a prerequisite for any student entering any other training program as a new job seeker.

The course invites participants to focus on self-awareness, make conscious changes, create a self-directed plan for success, and develop resilience in facing future obstacles and challenges in life and on the job.

Through teaching modules, assessments, team activities, scenarios, and a variety of methodologies, students will be encouraged to take personal responsibility for the direction of their own lives, their habits, and their life goals, as well as confidently achieve long-term success on the job. Topics include self-awareness and self-management, balance and health, career exploration, job search skills, communication and presentation, teamwork, and success on the job.


Delivery and Important Information

This course is designed to support student success and retention both within their program of choice and in the workplace. It is designed to be offered either for in-person face-to-face instruction or virtually, online.


Pathways to Success and Career Opportunities

Graduates of this course will be confident in their ability to achieve long-term success, ready for the next step in their personal path – a training program.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a Northern College Certificate of Completion and may pursue additional funded training opportunities.


For more information, please contact 705-235-3211 ext. 2202 or training@northern.on.ca.

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