Introduction to Project Management

Northern Training Division
Credential Earned: Training Certificate
Campus: Distance
Program Length: 2 Days (14 hours)

Whether implementing a new program in the workplace or planning a holiday party for forty people, there is
no doubt that projects can be dreadful to control and accomplish successfully. Running a project requires
knowing and implementing a number of techniques and tools in order to create an environment that leads to
success. Increased productivity, reduced stress, greater confidence, team work and collaboration are only a
few of the benefits of gaining control of your projects and accomplishing them successfully.

In this two-day fundamentals of project management course that includes interactive and dynamic learning,
participants will learn and appreciate the project management process — from planning to execution — and
gain the skills to implement project management best practices within and outside their organization.


Learning Objectives

  • The essential tools and techniques required to become better project managers and build an effective
    project management process
  • The nature of the project management process
  • How to implement project management processes and develop leadership skills
  • The main obstacles to effective project management and their consequences
  • How to successfully plan, manage, and deliver projects

Course Benefits

  •  Gain support from business leaders
  • Determine both future and current talent needs for your organization
  • Create a plan for the future
  • Gain appreciation of having a systematic approach to managing projects in their respective organization
  • Gain in-depth understanding of project management by engaging in in-class exercises, which allow
    them to apply the content of the workshop and relate it to their own workplace
  • Have more confidence and competence in applying their newly gained knowledge and skills relating to
    project management upon returning to their job


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