Skills Accelerator

Continuing Education
Credential Earned: Micro-Credential
Campus: Distance
Program Length: Flexible

Skills Accelerator is a pilot project funded by Skills Catalyst Fund supported through the Ministry of Labor, Training and Skills Development.

Training catered for those working in municipalities, healthcare, education, and in Indigenous communities or organizations. Micro-credentials are the new skill-sets we believe future leaders in these sectors can complete to level-up.

If you are interested in personal growth and to learn new skills in business, micro-credentials may be for you. The program is ideal for those in a leadership role, or who aspire to be in a leadership role, with education or training outside of business to elevate you skill set with these courses.

Training is online and at your own pace with access to computers for those who require them. As part of the project, students will be given access to online education training and also have real time support from our 24-hour student IT support network.


Developing Operational Plans

MC4001 480 – Developing Operational Plans (25 hours)

Learn to create and deliver Operational Plans to senior managers and to team members.

Time and Stress Management

MC4003 480 – Time and Stress Management (25 hours)

Create a plan to better manage your time and reduce stress.

Organizational Culture

MC4002 480 Organizational Culture (20 hours)

Analyze the current organizational culture in your workplace and prepare several strategies to improve the culture.

Performance Management Plans

MC3001 480 – Performance Management Plans (29 hours)

Create a performance management plan for your work team and conduct a performance management review.

Job Analysis

MC3002 480 – Job Analysis (20 hours)

Learn to identify tasks and functions of specific roles in your organization and requirements needed to perform these activities.

Developing and Critiquing Budgets

MC2001 480 – Developing and Critiquing Budgets (23 hours)

Learn how to properly budget for a project or department operations.

Identifying Fiscal Opportunities and Risks

MC2002 480 – Identifying Fiscal Opportunities and Risks (16 hours)

Learn to review and analyze financial statements.

Building Relations with Indigenous Partners

MC1001 480 – Building Relations with Indigenous Partners (20 hours)

Develop your skills in creating effective Communications Plans that reflect an understanding of Indigenous needs and the needs of your community.

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