Pre-Service Firefighter Requirements

Pre-Service Firefighter Requirements

Welcome to the Northern College Pre-Service Firefighter program.

You have chosen to pursue an exciting and challenging career!

You should be aware that there are strict requirements used by various fire agencies for their firefighter selection testing instruments. Northern College does not use these strict requirements as entrance requirements; however, we do use them for career counseling purposes.

The informationon this page is also available in a PDF document:
Pre-Service Firefighter Requirements (PDF, 1.15 mb)

Requirments for Completition of the Program

We want you to be successful in the Pre-Service Firefighter program. In order to do this, Northern College will familiarize you with the criteria that will be used as part of the pre-interview assessment phase of the recruitment of firefighters. This will assist us in helping you succeed in your quest to becoming the best you can be.

Pre-Admission Requirements

The following outlines are what you will require for the first week and what is involved with the firefighter selection process:

  • The CSEP Get Active Questionnaire MUST BE COMPLETED AND SUBMITTED to participate in fitness testing. You must bring in a completed form indicating that you can participate in rigorous fitness testing. This testing process is a COMPULSORY part of the program and will not be repeated. It is very important to remember to bring attire that is suitable for strenuous physical activity.
  • Students must complete a Criminal Record Check at their local police department by completing the applicable CIPC form. Students must provide a copy of the original document to the designated person in their department and must be done on the first day of class and be current within 3 months of the start of the 1st semester. Any costs incurred when obtaining the Criminal Record Check is the student’s responsibility. More information on the process of obtaining the Criminal Record Check can be found at CPIC.
  • Prior to admission, you must provide evidence that you are a Canadian citizen or that you have
    permanent residency in Canada.
  • We recommend that you hold a valid Driver’s License (Class G). Note: Prior to hire in a Fire Service – a DZ license may be required.

Information for Graduates

This curriculum is based on the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1001 (2013) Edition which meets the body of knowledge and practical skills required to meet the job-related performance objectives.

Graduates of the Pre-Service Firefighter Education and Training Program are eligible to write the OFMEM Provincial Firefighter Certification Tests which will give them NFPA 1001 Firefighter I, II and NFPA 1072 Hazardous Materials Operations certification, NFPA 1006 Chapter 5 General Rescuer and NFPA 1035 First and Life Safety Educator.

Note: In order to graduate and be eligible to write the OFMEM provincial tests and perform the practical skills testing, students MUST be able to pass an NFPA 1582 equivalent medical evaluation and an equivalent CPAT (Candidate Physical Ability Test).

Additional Information

In view of strenuous physical demands of professional firefighters, it is strongly recommended that applicants acquire and maintain an advanced level of physical fitness including cardiovascular and upper body strength, prior to and throughout the program.

Students are strongly advised to have their visual acuity, colour vision and hearing assessed. A career in municipal fire services requires visual requirements of a least 20/30 in each eye without corrective lenses.

Students are also encouraged to investigate and ensure they are free of acrophobia and claustrophobia.

A deficit in any of these areas may prevent securing employment in the fire services field.

Students are required to adhere to the code of conduct as found in the Pre-Service Firefighter Student Manual that includes professionalism, integrity, reliability, punctuality, maturity, and strong interpersonal and communication skills.

Students are advised that all competencies specified for this program must be met, and therefore, attendance in class, lab and field placement experience is essential.


Contact Information

For additional information contact the program coordinator:

Craig Hartley, Program Coordinator
705-235-3211 ext. 2121

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