myWELLNESS Orientation with Tailwind

Tailwind is a student development organization focused on providing proactive support to set students up for success as they transition into post-secondary education.

In collaboration with Advising Services, Tailwind has created a myWELLNESS Orientation program, designed to orient students to life in college, teach proactive wellness strategies, and connect students to on/off campus supports. 

By signing up for the program, Northern College students can connect with a Peer Support Counsellor at Tailwind and join the Tailwind Northern Community. 

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Tailwind at Northern College

About Tailwind

Tailwind aims to connect all current and prospective Northern College students with the proactive preparatory support they need to thrive at the college level.

  • Experience-driven: The team has 20+ combined years of experience working in university recruitment, student success, career counselling, academic advising, social work, financial advising, therapy, and coaching.
  • Student-informed and driven: Tailwind’s program, community, communications materials, and peer support counselling models are all co-inspired by past and current post-secondary students. We have a student advisory board of 10 students from across Canada who inform the development of everything we do
  • Data and trend-driven: We have embedded feedback systems throughout our resources and products to allow for continuous improvement that helps our proactive support systems to be relevant.   
  • Built by Partnerships: We’ve partnered with both York and TMU’s Social Work Schools, whereby we have designed our programs and services in collaboration with their faculty.

I’m a student, why should I sign up?

  • Speak to a Peer Support Counsellor for free
  • Attend any number of Tailwind events 
  • Connect with resources and people in your community
  • Learn strategies that will help you succeed on campus and get the most out of your experience 

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