Blackboard Basics

Part 1 – Log into Blackboard and Access Your Course
a. How to Access Your Course

Part 2 – Add Simple Content
a. Create Announcement
b. Create Contact Information
c. Create a Folder
d. Create Item and File
e. Inserting an Image and Web Link
f. Edit Existing Information
g. Reordering Content
h. Copying and Moving Content

Part 3 – Making Course Available and Previewing as a Student
a. Make Course Available and Unavailable to Users
b. Previewing Your Course as a Student

Part 4 – Embedding Content
a. Embedding Images
b. Embedding a Web Link
c. Embedding an Audio File
d. Embedding YouTube Videos

Part 5 – Managing Course Menu
a. Editing a Course Menu
b. Customizing the Look of Your Course

Part 6 – Creating and Grading an Assignment
a. Creating an Assignment
b. Grading an Assignment

Part 7 – Introduction to Grade Center
a. Introduction to Grade Center

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