Beyond the Basics

Part 1 – Testing Basics

a. Introduction – Testing in Blackboard
b. Step 1 – Creating a Test
c. Step 2 – Creating Questions
d. Step 3 – Deploy the Test and Set All Test Parameters including Setting Test Exceptions for Students Requiring Accommodations
e. Testing – Student View
f. Accessing & Grading Student Tests
g. Test Generator

Part 2 – Respondus Lockdown Browser
a. What is Respondus LockDown Browser
b. How to Set Up Respondus LockDown Browser
c. Respondus LockDown Browser – Student Perspective
d. Checking the Dashboard for LDB

Part 3 – Some “Must Have” Tools for Quick and Individualized Test Creation
a. Creating a Question Pool
b. Introduction to Random Blocks & Question Sets
c. Inserting Question Sets & Random Blocks
d. Using Variables in your Questions
e. Importing/Exporting Tests, Surveys & Pools

Part 4 – Customizing Grade Centre
a. Grade Centre Organization
b. Creating Columns in Grade Centre
c. Accessing the Attendance Feature

Part 5 Assignments – Additional Features
a. Introduction to Creating Group Assignments
b. Creating Group Assignments
c. What is Safe Assign?
d. Attaching Safe Assign

Part 6 – Content – Additional Features
a. Creating Discussion Boards
b. Enabling Statistics Tracking
c. What is Adaptive Release
d. Attaching Adaptive Release

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