Our Brand

Our Brand

A brand is our story – the product of everything we do and the experience people have with the College. The brand connects with people and leaves a long lasting impression sometimes without them knowing it does!

Our Brand Guidelines and Toolkit acts as a reference for all areas of the College to ensure that any marketing materials or other communications are consistent, effective, and successful. We have much to be proud of. Our Brand Guidelines allow us to present our best and brightest.

The number one rule of branding is consistency. Consistency across all media channels, campaigns, emails signatures, clear language, and between divisions and departments.

The Marketing and Communications department is responsible for ensuring that our brand is consistent, and in doing so, give you the tools to make that easy.

Brand Guidelines

This toolkit includes our existing and new visual identities of the College with guidelines on appropriate usage of logos, as well as guidelines on typography, colours, and how to use multiple logos within one communication.

This document also includes templates and examples to outline best practices for effective communications for all types of media, with guidelines on standard language and verbiage that is in line with our new vision and mission. As always, we create and publish communications and marketing campaigns that are inclusive and include diverse of representation.

Employees can access all brand assets and templates on Noraction. Brand assets can also be distributed to third-parites with password protection. Contact marketing@northern.on.ca for more information.

Brand GuidelinesQuick Reference

Visual Identity

Our Logo

The inspiration for our logo came from the natural environment within which Northern College exists.

Remember, our logo is an integral part of our brand and our ambassador to the world. When we present ourselves consistently, effectively and professionally, that’s how we will be recognized. That is why it’s so important that you protect our image by following these guidelines.

The Northern College brand is the overarching identity of the College. It is the voice used in top level communications and when the College is speaking as one unified entity.

Horizontal logo:

Northern College horizontal logo

Vertical logo:

Northern College vertical logo

Brand Architecture

The Northern College brand is the overarching identity of the College. It is the voice used in top level communications and when the College is speaking as one unified entity.

These brand lock-ups position the names of Northern College schools and departments in alignment with the parent brand.

Northern College Innovation Hub visual identity Northern College Libraries visual identity

Northern College Training Division visual identity  Northern College Student Services visual identity

Fonts & Typography

Consistency of typeface in all forms of communications is important to the successful implementation of these visual identity standards.

The two official fonts used by Northern College are Avenir and Avenir Next.

Text Sizing:
Headings 16 to 18 point font
Sub Headings 12 to 14 point
Body text 10 point (minimum) font

Alternative fonts:
Arial, Calibri, Helvetica, Myriad and Montserrat.


Colour plays an important role in how our brand is perceived.

Colour psychology can be used to help build a strong, relatable brand.

Colour evokes feeling. It incites emotion. While choosing the right colours can enhance your brand perception, poor colour selection can do damage to your brand image.

For instance, if you choose the wrong colours for your content or logo, it can turn out to be less readable, and hard for your audience to understand. Or you can risk being ignored all together.

Primary Brand Colours

The Northern College colour system, consists of primary and secondary palettes, and has been thoughtfully selected to create brand harmonization to ensure consistency, hierarchy and visual recognition.

CMYK 0%, 62%, 97%, 0%
RGB 232, 121, 40
HTML #ef6e2a


High Contrast Orange
CMYK 0%, 52%, 89%, 26%
RGB 189, 90, 20
HTML #bd5a14


Charcoal Grey
CMYK 63%, 52%, 44%, 33%
RGB 84, 88, 96
HTML #545860


Secondary Colours

These are a sample of the secondary colours available. You can find all the secondary branded colours in the Brand Guidelines document.

CMYK 33%, 10%, 83%, 21%
RGB 144, 155, 68
HTML #909B44


CMYK 69%, 23%, 0%, 0%
RGB 72, 153, 213
HTML #4899D5


CMYK 100%, 0%, 24%, 30%
RGB 0, 120, 142
HTML #00788E


CMYK 44%, 33%, 29%, 9%
RGB 137, 141, 150
HTML #898D96


CMYK 100%, 71%, 0%, 51%
RGB 27, 54, 95
HTML #1B365F


CMYK 32%, 67%, 63%, 78%
RGB 76, 51, 39
HTML #4C3327


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