Our Brand

Our Brand

A brand is our story – the product of everything we do and the experience people have with the College. The brand connects with people and leaves a long lasting impression sometimes without them knowing it does!

Our Brand Guidelines and Toolkit acts as a reference for all areas of the College to ensure that any marketing materials or other communications are consistent, effective, and successful. We have much to be proud of. Our Brand Guidelines allow us to present our best and brightest.

The number one rule of branding is consistency. Consistency across all media channels, campaigns, emails signatures, clear language, and between divisions and departments.

The Marketing and Communications department is responsible for ensuring that our brand is consistent, and in doing so, give you the tools to make that easy.

Brand Guidelines [PDF, 10 MB]Quick Reference [PDF, 190 KB]

Looking for Help from the Marketing Department?

We’d love to help! Employees can find more information on how to connnect with the Marketing Department on NorAction.

To request Business Cards, please complete the Business Card Request Form on NorAction.

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