Institutional Research

Institutional Research

The Institutional Research department at Northern College conducts research and prepares reports to support operations and inform strategic decision-making.


As the central source of non-financial information at Northern College, we will be recognized as leaders in innovation and collaboration and as experts in our field.

To provide the highest quality, unbiased analytical services through reporting, planning and operational research to inform decision making and planning so that Northern College can fulfill its mission.

Community Climate Survey Report


  • External reporting, including accountability reporting
  • Student feedback gathering and reporting
  • Custom survey development and participation
  • Integrated planning support at the institutional and program level
  • Performance measures development, monitoring, and analysis
  • Developing and maintaining on-demand, self-serve business intelligence tools
  • Supporting enrolment management, forecasting, and recruitment
  • Supporting program review, quality assurance, and new program development

We follow the Canadian Institutional Research and Planning Association’s (CIRPA) Code of Ethics that was adopted and adapted from the Code of Ethics of the Association of Institutional Research (AIR).

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