Micro-credentials are an ideal option for achieving badges of completion for professional development that can be also placed in LinkedIn accounts.  Whether personal or professional development, micro-credentials indicate that you have developed skills to do a job or specific workplace task. By completing a group of micro-credentials can obtain a micro-qualification certificate.

Child Welfare I

Registration is open for CS5010 Child Welfare I
This micro-credential will provide a high-level overview of the child protection system in Ontario from its origin to modern day, including some of the oppressive practices that have been developed and maintained since its inception. We will also examine the rights of children afforded to children globally, the incidence of the most common types of maltreatment, and finally the importance of engaging families in their journey to well being.




Skills Development – Self Guided
SA5041 Building Relations with Indigenous Partners
SA5051 Developing and Critiquing Budgets
SA5031 Identifying Fiscal Opportunities and Risks
SA5071 Performance Management Plans
SA5061 Job Analysis
SA5001 Developing Operational Plans
SA5011 Organizational Culture
SA5011 Time and Stress Management

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Community Services

CS5030 Family Conflict Mediation
CS5010 Child Welfare I
CS5020 Child Welfare II
CS5000 Addiction and Mental Health
CS5040 Counselling-Interviewing

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Business of Mining

MI5001 Corporate Social Responsibility
MI5011 Mining and Mineral Exploration Finance
MI5021 Stakeholder Engagement

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Complete micro-credentials in bundles to receive a Micro-Qualification (MQ). Micro-credentials are offered completely online.  Each micro-credentials completed means you will achieve a completion badge. Some micro-credentials are standalone courses, while others can be grouped into a specific Micro-Qualification (MQ).

Pre-Early Childhood Education

EC5051 Pre-ECE Preparation for Placement – Synchronous Seminar Sessions
EC5001 Introduction to Child Development
EC5011 Introduction to Early Years Pedagogy
EC5021 Introduction to Child Care Legislation
EC5031 Communication for Child Care Workers
EC5041 Working with Children Exceptionalities
EC5044 Fieldwork Placement

Turn your love of children into an exciting career move.

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Veterinary Science

Large Animal Micro-Credential
Coming January 2024
VT5011 Dairy Cattle Health Production Medicine and Software (Dairy Cattle I)
VT5021 Dairy Calf Health (Dairy Cattle II)
VT5031 Beef Cattle Health
VT5061 Pigs

To be offered at a later date
VT5041 Small Ruminants
VT5001 Equine Health
VT5051 Poultry Care

Are you interested in large animal medicine and wildlife, but find that you are lacking the experience and additional training required to be competent in the field? Is your current employer absolutely swamped with work and unable to find the time to help you develop those skills? Then these certificates may be your answer!

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