International Students

International Students

Thank you for choosing Northern! We are thrilled you’d like to pursue your studies with us.

Here you will find more information on programs, how to apply, and what to expect for your studies at Northern College.

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Learn about our programs, how to apply on OCAS, and what to expect for your studies and life as a student at Northern College.

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Registration for Winter 2024 intake begins on November 27, 2023

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Deferrals & Withdrawals

The deadline to defer or withdraw with refund for Winter 2024 intake is January 23, 2024 (Day 10 of the semester).

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Student & Graduate Testimonials

I tried to find the best college for further study so that I could make my future bright. I checked reviews and I saw that this college is very helpful to international students. All my teachers are very polite. They know that English is not our first language – that’s why they always review the material more than once and take the time to make sure we understand. I like everything about my college as all my teachers are the best. I love the way they teach.

With the help of my teachers, I get good marks. Moreover, the College is located in a very peaceful and safe area. I want to let everyone know that Northern College is one the best colleges in Canada. As an international student, my advice to every student is that if you want to learn from the best teachers, then definitely join our college.

I won an International scholarship with Northern College and want to thank the donors and the Northern College Student Association for selecting me for this bursary. I have received my scholarship of $500 dollars. Thank you very much for it. In this pandemic, this money is going to help me a lot in my studies and my daily life. I am very glad and thankful, and you can see this on my face with a big smile. I am in the Environmental Technician program; I am going to graduate this December.

I am hoping that after my graduation, I can find a good job in this field and make my college and my family proud. This award has given me more enthusiasm to work hard in future. I would love to thank you again. I feel so grateful to receive this award.

I came to Canada and to Northern College in January of 2018. Everything was new for me here, especially in Northern Ontario. I don’t know how to express how much Northern College and the Northern community has given to me. I’ve learned so much from my professors, Deans, my employers, and from everyone!

I’ve grown so much, achieved what I never thought I would and I am on my way to achieving so much more. I am developing a strong character and loving it!

One of the things I like most is that people are so welcoming here. Once you get used to living in the North, you will never regret coming up here.

I work for Northern College now, and help other students like me feel welcome here!

Don’t miss a chance to come here, accept challenges, and win your game. We are all here to support you.

Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards

Investing in you and your future to support your education financially is an important step to your success! Northern College has one of the highest number of scholarships, bursaries and awards per student in the province.


15 awards of $500

This award intends to recognize students for their academic excellence and positive contributions to their program.


15 awards of $500

This award intends to recognize students that demonstrate leadership qualities through their involvement on and off campus and their ability to guide and inspire others.

Role Model

15 awards of $500

This award intends to honour international students for demonstrating the important qualities of a role model.

Entrance Award

25 awards of $500

This award intends to recognize students for having chosen to pursue their post-secondary education in a northern community.


Pures College in Toronto, Canada

Northern College has established a collaboration with Pures College of Technology in order to provide high-quality education and exemplary services to overseas students in Toronto. Students enrolled in Northern College programs at the Pures Toronto location receive full credit from Northern College, and are granted a Northern College diploma upon meeting their graduation requirements. Students taking a Northern College program at Pures have the opportunity to acquire a high-quality education along with practical skills enhancement. Staff and faculty provide a welcoming environment for international students, offering excellent student services to ensure that students have a great learning experience.

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Partnerships in China

Chongqing Industry Polytechnic, Mechanical Engineering Technician Business Accounting

Henan Institute of Economics and Trade, Business Marketing

Guangxi International Business Vocational College, Business Accounting

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