Travel & Arrivals

Travel & Arriving at Northern

We are excited for you to arrive! Our dedicated staff are here to make your transition to life as a Northern College student as easy as possible.

Please connect with the International Department at for the most up-to-date information about traveling to Canada for your studies and to request travel support documents.


Traveling to Canada


There is a regional airport in Timmins. Flights from Toronto to the Timmins Victor M. Power Airport (YTS) are 1 hour and 20 minutes in duration.

Student at our Timmins Campus can use ground transportation from the airport to the campus in South Porcupine, which is approximately 20 minutes (24 km) from the airport.

There is also a regional airport in North Bay, closest to our Haileybury Campus. Flights from Toronto to the North Bay Jack Garland Airport are 1 hour in duration.

Students at our Haileybury Campus or Kirkland Lake Campus can use ground transportation from the airport in Timmins or North Bay.

Timmins to Haileybury is approximately 2.5 hours (230 km)
North Bay to Haileybury is approximately 1.5 hours (155 km)

Timmins to Kirkland Lake is 2 hours (155 km).
North Bay to Kirkland Lake approximately 2.5 hours (240 km)

If you arrive to to campus after hours, please contact:
Timmins Campus: +1-705-465-0658 (Phone)
Haileybury & Kirkland Lake: +1-705-650-0033 (Cell & WhatsApp)


Ground Transportation from Toronto

Haileybury is 5 hours 44 minutes (540 km) [Google Map]
Kirkland Lake is 6 hours and 15 minutes (600 km) [Google Map]
Timmins is 7 hours 32 minutes (700 km) [Google Map]

Please keep your Keep your taxi receipt (from Timmins airport to Timmins campus, or one-time taxi receipt in-town travel within Kirkland Lake or Haileybury campus). The  fee could be reimbursed to you later after day 10 of your program registration by sending your taxi receipt with your name to

Campus Locations Map of Ontario

Housing, Residence & Accommodations

For students who need help on housing accommodation, we offer support with off-campus housing options and have on-campus residences at our Timmins Campus & Haileybury Campus.

Off-Campus HousingTimmins Campus ResidenceHaileybury Campus Residence

Timmins Campus
Jasdeep Kaur
Student Resource Coordinator
705-235-3211 Ext. 2319

Haileybury Campus & Kirkland Lake Campus
Vaibhav Chopra
Student Resource Coordinator
Cell/WhatsApp: +1 705 679 3109

Weather & Seasonal Apparel

International student in summer
International students in winter

Spring, Summer, Fall (April to October)

Snowfall – Variable weather with temperatures ranging from 10°C to 30°C or more


  • Long and short-sleeved shirts
  • Long slacks, jeans, shorts
  • Sandals, socks & shoes
  • Light sweater/hoody
  • Light jacket – waterproof, wind-proof

Winter (November to March)

Snowy with temperatures ranging from -10°C to -25°C or less


  • Mid-length winter jacket with inside lining or insulation and waterproof
  • Snow pants
  • Winter hats/toque for warmth
  • Mittens (not gloves)
  • Winter socks and boots
  • Sweater


At the beginning of each intake, new students can join orientation with Student Services, as well as with your program to learn about all the supports available and what you can expect from your academic studies.

We’ve also prepared videos to help you get acquainted with all the services and resources available in the community.

Orientation Information

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