Tuition & Fees

Tuition Fees and Payments

The payment needed to attend Northern College is called tuition. The tuition and fees are listed for all Programs and Courses and below.

Please note that we give out a large number of awards and scholarships that can help you pay for school. If you are in Ontario, Canada, you can also apply for OSAP, which is a government-funded program to help almost everyone get a College education so that you can find rewarding work and can make more money at your jobs.

Domestic Tuition & Fees

Anciliary Fees

In addition to tuition, there are also other fees to pay, but they are much less than tuition. These are called Ancillary fees. Ancillary fees are the additional fees for your education with us that allow us to provide necessary support and services while you are a student, including Academic Technologies, Health Benefits, Convocation (which is your graduation ceremony when you are finished with your studies – yay!), Student ID Cards, and program-specific learning equipment or software and field trips.

Ancillary fees also support other aspects of yours and other students’ Northern experience, such as Student Associations, Athletic Facilities, and Mental Health Supports. All of these things help you to succeed, so please use them whenever possible.

Detailed Ancillary FeesInternational Tuition Fees


You can find more information about your tuition and fees online in your Student Portal account, where you can also process payment.

Your login information is found on your Offer of Admissions letter. This document also provide important tuition and deposit payment deadlines.

Please review the Payment Information for important details on paying for your education with us, including access to the payment registration form, how to submit payment in your student account, important dates and deadlines, or alternative methods of paying.

Payment Information

Financial Assistance

Not sure if you can afford post-secondary education?

Our Financial Aid Officers can help go over all the financial services available to help pay for your education. Talk to us about what you are going through so we know more about you and how to help. We are friendly and kind, and want you to experience the Northern difference – so we welcome you to get to know us, even if you feel shy or nervous. Stretch that comfort zone, and advocate for yourself so you can become everything you ever dreamed of being. It’s possible!

Financial Assistance

Better Jobs Ontario Funding

Thinking of returning to school, but not sure how to pay for it?

Better Jobs Ontario (formerly known as Second Career) may be an option for you. This is a Government of Ontario initiative to help people who are unemployed, or laid off, update their skills and training to get a better job.

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