College Foundation

College Foundation

When you contribute to the Northern College Foundation, you’re opening doors for students, many of whom couldn’t go to college without your support.

The Northern College Foundation is a fundraising department within the College that serves to help support students financially so that they can succeed in studying and graduate from their program.

We promote the accomplishments of Northern College and the achievements of our students and graduates.

Each year, we provide exciting opportunities for the creation of new student awards thanks to our generous donors and the hard work of our employees.


When you contribute to the Northern College Foundation, you’re opening doors for students, many of whom couldn’t go to college without your support.


Ways to Support

There are many different ways you can get involved with the College and experience the rewarding feeling of making an impact.

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The Foundation's Impact

Each year, the Foundation captures our activities in year-end reports.

Please take a look at the Foundation Report [PDF, 10.1 MB] to see how we’ve been changing the world with amazing people like you.

Foundation Report [PDF, 10.1 MB]


Beyond awards for students and graduates, we foster a collaborative approach when partnering with individuals and organizations, resulting in enhanced community relations.

Some of these partnerships create entrepreneurial opportunities for students, as well as support the development and enhancement of educational programs.

Working with the alumni relations department of the College, the Foundation serves to support networking opportunities between current students and alumni so that we can continue to grow our College and provide excellent post-secondary education in Northern Ontario.

All of this combines to keep employees in the North where our graduates have rewarding careers that help grow our workforce and build strong communities.

We hope that you connect with us and learn how you can help be a part of an amazing adventure, no matter your interests or abilities!

In Our Communities

The College participates in many different events and exciting initiatives throughout the year that help achieve our mission of building community in the North.

These feel-good events help to boost the spirit of the citizens and allow for greater connection that creates a better quality of life that ripples out over our region.

Feel free to join us and take part in these to build camaraderie and make meaningful impact for no other reason than it makes all of us feel better about where we live and who we journey with.

In the Fall of 2022, we are planning a Homecoming Event with a throwback hockey game in Kirkland Lake to celebrate the Huskies and their successes over the years – please stay tuned for updates on this so that you can be a part of the fun!

Campus mascot the moose with Nicole
Campus recruiters with gift bags
Jameison Pouw


The Bucket Shop shares many of the same values as Northern College and for this reason, we are a very proud partner that supports many of their initiatives.

We believe in the importance of diversity, community growth and equally value Indigenous partnerships and just how critically important they are to both of us.

We also support one and another on various training initiatives, projects, and funding applications. We are so very proud to provide Northern College students with placement and employment opportunities.

We can honestly say that we rely on Northern College to fulfill our workforce needs. The calibre of the graduates has been a tremendous asset to our environment.

We have hired many full-time employees and the job readiness gap was very small with only a minimal amount of additional training required to integrate them into our production environment.

We would like to thank and congratulate Northern College for their tremendous legacy projects we’ve been so proud to be a part of and we look forward to many future years of prosperity together.

Jamieson Pouw
Business Optimization Lead, The Bucket Shop Inc.


Nicole Gingras
Development Officer
External Relations, Alumni & Foundation
705-235-3211 ext. 7210

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