Congratulations, you’re almost there!

Your final semester is underway and the end is in sight. This message is to let you know about document processing timelines so that you can plan accordingly, especially if you are graduating outside the college’s customary spring time convocation ceremonies.

Graduation Documents

Your graduation documents need be accurate in every detail, reliably reflecting your academic record, and supportive of college and program accreditation.

Graduation preparations include your official transcript, your program certificate, diploma or degree, and certain other items in specific cases such as a program completion letter, Health Sciences pin, and even a correctly addressed envelope for delivery.

Convocation Ceremonies

Students attending their graduation ceremony, obtain their graduation documents at that time.

Graduation Documents for students not attending their graduation ceremony are mailed on the next business day following the ceremony date.

Delivery & Mailing Timelines

The entire document delivery process takes about 20 business days or approximately a month, which is very typical among post-secondary institutions world-wide, plus mail delivery time.

Upon the final day of your program (last day of exams, placement or co-op, or extension) the documentation process will begin. Please expect up to 20 business days for production of your official graduation documents. Mail delivery follows convocation ceremonies for those not in attendance.  Documents are mailed from the college by regular post.

  • Delivery time within campus regions is typically a week.
  • Delivery time within the Toronto region is typically about two weeks.

Please Plan Ahead: It takes about 6 to 8 weeks to receive your college documents by mail. Be sure your address, program requirements, payments, pathway institution deadlines, employer needs, or study permit timelines are all in order for ideal document delivery.


Timelines for Delivery of Official Graduation Documents from the Office of the Registrar

Day 1 to 9 Day 10 to 12 Day 13 to 19 Day 20
After Final Day of Exams, Placement, or Co-op, grades are submitted by professors, reviewed, and recorded. Grades and Unofficial Transcripts become available in your Student Account Production of Official Graduation documents (i.e. Transcript, Diploma, Completion Letter, and others) begin, including review and signature by the Office of the Registrar. Official Graduation documents are mailed out.

Please expect a minimum of 2-4 weeks for delivery


How Documents Get Delayed

  • Wrong address. Please make sure you update your Canadian mailing address in your account of the Student Portal – log into your student account and see left hand menu.
  • Outstanding payment. The College Academic Policy #A-7 Convocation Requirements states that students with outstanding fees will not receive an official transcript or certificate/diploma. Use the Student Portal to check for your balance owing and to pay it.
  • Delayed final grade. Due to extension of assignment, exam re-write, placement, or co-op, your final grade may be delayed. Be sure to let your Coordinator know when you have fully completed your program.

Applications for Jobs, Studies, or Visas

Unofficial transcripts will be available in your student portal about two weeks following the final day of your program (last day of exams, placement or co-op, or extension). This is acceptable for most employer requests and will suffice temporarily if an employer requires an official transcript or diploma. If you require official graduation documents for a job application, college or university application, or a work permit, please note these document delivery timelines to plan for your post-graduation activity.

Work Permit – Extending Your Study Permit

If your study permit expires shortly after your graduation, request an extension as soon as possible from IRCC in order to remain compliant with immigration requirements and stress-free in the several weeks before you receive your documents and complete your work permit application.

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