Academic Policies & Procedures

Academic Policies


A-1 Academic Departmental Policies Policy
A-1 PR-1 Academic Department Policies Procedure
A-5 Academic Appeals Policy
A-5 PR-1 Academic Appeals Procedure
A-7 Convocation Requirements Policy
A-7 PR-1 Convocation Requirements Procedures

Student Records, Success, Integrity and Assessment

A-18 Student Academic Records (Freedom of Information) Policy
A-18 PR-1 Student Academic Records (Freedom of Information) Procedure
A-23 Student Success Policy
A-23 PR-1 Student Success Procedure
A-24 Academic Integrity Policy
A-24 PR-1 Academic Integrity Procedure
A-25 Academic Program Development, Suspension, Deletion or Relocation Policy
A-26 Student Assessment and Evaluation Policy
A-26 PR-1 Student Assessment and Evaluation Procedure
A-26 PR-2 Promotional Meetings Procedure

Curriculum Development

A-27 Curriculum Development and Revision Policy
A-27 PR-1 Essential Employability Skills Procedure
A-27 PR-2 General Education Procedure
A-27 PR-3 Prerequisite and Corequisite Procedure
A-27 PR-4 Field Trips Procedure
A-27 PR-5 Curriculum Development/Revision Procedure

Technology, LMS and Master Course Guideline

A-28 Digital/Technology – Enhanced Learning Policy
A-28 PR-1 Using the College’s Learning Management System (LMS) to Provide Students Access to Essential Digital Resources and Learning Activities Procedure
A-28 PR-2 Master Course Guideline
A-29 Learner Pathways Policy
A-29 PR-1 Acquisition of Additional Credentials Procedure
A-29 PR-2 Advanced Standing Procedure
A-29 PR-3 Distance Learning Procedure
A-29 PR-4 Interruption of Studies Procedure
A-29 PR-5 Program Amendments Procedure
A-29 PR-6 Recognition of Postsecondary Equivalent Courses Procedure
A-29 PR-7 Timelines for Program Completion Procedure
A-29 PR-8
A-29 PR-9 Post-Secondary Course Audit Procedure

VPA Documents

VPA-1 Quality Assurance (QA) Policy
VPA-1 PR-1 Program Review Recommendations Procedure
VPA-1 PR-2 Formative and Summative Review Procedure
VPA-3 Academic Freedom – Rights and Responsibilities Policy
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