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Transfer Into Northern

Thinking of transferring schools or expanding on your career? We’ve got opportunities for you!

Advanced standing could be attainable. Transfer your earned credentials and experiences, or challenge your knowledge with Northern.

Information on how to complete an Advanced Standing Request for external students can be found below.

If you have skills and knowledge gained through your experiences, advanced standing may be granted through the process of Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition (PLAR).

IMPORTANT: You have until Day 10 of the current semester to apply. Refer to the Academic Calendar for key dates.

External Transfer Credit Request Form

Current Students
Please note that if you are a current student looking to transfer credits in relation to building a portfolio for submission please ensure that you utilize the Internal Transfer Credit Request Form in your Student Account.

External Transfer Credits

Advanced Standing Transfer Credit Request Form

To have the credit(s) from another institution recognized for your Northern College program, first identify which courses in your Northern College program are similar to courses you have successfully completed at a different institution. Visit the program page to review individual course descriptions.

Then, complete the Advanced Standing Transfer Credit External Request Form for each individual transfer credit you are requesting and supporting documentation to

External Transfer Credit Request Form

Additional Information

Transfer of credits from Ontario Colleges and other public colleges and universities will be considered on a course-by-course basis.

Transfer credits will be granted when, in the opinion of the college, the work covered is equivalent in objectives and evaluation standards to the corresponding course of study at Northern College.

Please note, if you are receiving funding through OSAP and wish to retain your full-time status, remember: OSAP requires you attend 70% of your classes at Northern. This may affect how many transfer credits you wish to apply for.

Consult with the Pathways Officer if you need assistance:
705-235-3211 ext. 2190

How to Apply for External Transfer Credits

IMPORTANT: You have until Day 10 of the current semester to apply. Refer to the Academic Calendar for key dates.

Step 1: Review
Review and decide which courses in your Northern College program are similar to courses you have successfully completed at a different institution: Go to your program page to review individual course descriptions.

Step 2: Complete the Form
Complete the request for Advanced Standing Transfer Credit External Form. Use only one form for each transfer credit you are requesting.

Step 3: Payment
Pay required transfer credit fees. Payment can be submitted at Student Services on campus or online through your Northern College Student Account. Fees $25 per transfer request with a maximum of $200 per academic year. Fees to process the request are non-refundable.

Step 4: Gather Documentation
Attach the following documentation to your completed application form: course outline from each successfully completed course you wish to use for a transfer credit, official transcript from your previous institution and payment receipt.

Step 5: Send Documentation
Submit your request. Scan and email completed form with required documentation to If a scanner is not available to you than clear images and photos of the completed request, including supporting documents, can be submitted.

What Happens Next

The Pathways Officer works in conjunction with your Program Coordinator for Assessment.

Generally, transfer credits will only be granted for courses completed within the last five (5) years.

Decisions will be communicated to you by email from the Pathways Officer.

The approved Transfer Credit is recorded as “TC” on your transcript and will not be factored into your GPA.

Information for Students of BScN

Students of the collaborative BScN program do not have the option to PLAR for transfer credits and there are no challenge exams available. All incoming year 1 BScN students who may be eligible for transfer credits, will have transfer credits automatically assessed based on transcripts submitted at the time of application. Eligible students will be advised if any transfer credits are granted in late August, by the Program Coordinator. Students are not to contact Laurentian University regarding their transfer credit assessment.

Important for All Advanced Standing Requests

Students MUST continue to attend classes in the course until a decision has been made. The decisions and/or grades assessed by the Academic staff are final and are not subject to appeal. Should a student’s status drop from full-time to part-time, as a result of transfer credits, they are encouraged to meet with their program coordinator to select other courses (if possible) to add to their timetable. A change in status can affect funding from OSAP.

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