Pre-Admissions Testing

Pre-Admissions Testing

As a mature learner, 19 years of age (or older) or were home schooled, and do not meet the admissions requirements, then you have a couple of options.

  • Option #1 – Write your English Grade 10 or 12 equivalency and/or write your Math Grade 10, 11 or 12 equivalencies with Pre-Admissions Testing.
  • Option #2 – Academic Upgrading offers Chemistry or Biology courses. (These cannot be taken as a test option). Preparatory courses also available for English and Math testing.

Scheduling & Completing Pre-Admissions Testing

How to Schedule Your Test

This applies to those that have already applied with OCAS and have a conditional offer. Connect with an Advisor to discuss your options and to schedule testing.

Once you schedule testing with your campus’ Pre-Admissions Testing Center for English or Math, you will be provided with material to help you prepare for the tests.


Guidance on Taking the Test

Please arrive for your test prepared to write. Each test will take approximately 2 hours. More details will be provided beforehand, and accommodations are available if required.


What to Expect After Your Test

This applies to those who have already applied with OCAS.

After the Testing Center reviews and grades your test, your results will be shared with you and Admissions for reassessment of your application. If a successful completion grade is achieved, all requirements are met, and seats are still available in the program then you will receive an unconditional offer from the college.

For Those That Have Not Yet Applied With OCAS

If you have not already applied with OCAS, you may connect with an Advisor to look at pre-admission testing options first.

Once you are confident that you can apply for the upcoming semester, continue to OCAS to create an account and apply for your program(s) of choice at Please note that additional charges apply and the application fee is non-refundable.

You can, at any point, reach back out to any Advisor for continued support along your academic journey with Northern College. We’re here to support you!

Campus Contacts

Haileybury Campus
Advising Assistant
(705) 672-3376

Kirkland Lake Campus
Kristina Connors
(705) 567-9291 ext. 3625

Timmins Campus
Shawna Foy
705-235-3211 ext. 7214

Kylee Verreault
705-235-3211 ext. 7214

Moosonee Campus
Willard Small
(705) 336-2913

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