Challenge by Exam

Challenge by Exam

If you feel you have the required knowledge (through audit, informal or formal studies, OAC’s, or experience) to address Northern’s course outcomes, you may apply for Challenge by Exam.

Advanced Standing Challenge Exam Form (PDF, 184 KB)

Challenge Exam Requests

How to Apply for a Challenge Exam

IMPORTANT: You have until Day 10 of the current semester to submit. Refer to the Academic Calendar for key dates.

  • Step 1: Speak with your Program Coordinator
    Not all courses are eligible for a Challenge Exam. Before submitting your request form and paying the fee(s), be sure to consult with the Program Coordinator to confirm that the course(s) may be challenged by examination.
  • Step 2: Complete the Form
    Complete the request for Challenge Exam Form (PDF, 184 KB). Use only one form for each Challenge Exam you are requesting.
  • Step 3: Payment
    Pay the required Challenge Exam fee. Payment is to be submitted online through your Northern College Student Account. Fee is $148.65 per Challenge Exam. Fee(s) to process the request(s) are non-refundable.
  • Step 4: Submit Form
    Once the Challenge Exam form is filled out, submit the Challenge Exam form by email to The Program Coordinator will schedule an exam date and notify the student.

Completion of Exam

The grade achieved on the challenge exam shall be recorded on your student transcript.

If you fail a Challenge Exam you may not challenge the course again until one full academic semester has passed.

You may not challenge a course more than twice. If you are unsuccessful after two challenges you will have to retake the course.

Information for Students of BScN

Students of the collaborative BScN program do not have the option to PLAR for transfer credits and there are no challenge exams available. All incoming year 1 BScN students who may be eligible for transfer credits, will have transfer credits automatically assessed based on transcripts submitted at the time of application. Eligible students will be advised if any transfer credits are granted in late August, by the Program Coordinator. Students are not to contact Laurentian University regarding their transfer credit assessment.

Important for All Advanced Standing Requests

Students MUST continue to attend classes in the course until a decision has been made. The decisions and/or grades assessed by the Academic staff are final and are not subject to appeal. Should a student’s status drop from full-time to part-time, as a result of transfer credits, they are encouraged to meet with their program coordinator to select other courses (if possible) to add to their timetable. A change in status can affect funding from OSAP.

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