Emergency Procedures

Emergency Procedures

Our department of Plant, Property, Health & Safety prepare emergency procedures manuals, lockdown procedures, fire drills and other protocols to help keep us all safe on campus.

Emergencies, disasters, accidents and injuries can occur anytime and without warning. Being prepared to handle emergencies, physically as well as psychologically, is an individual as well as an organizational responsibility.

We encourage all employees and students to familiarize yourself with the Emergency Procedures and Occupational Health, Safety & Environmental Policies [PDF, 50 KB].

To report an incident or to report a health concern, safety hazard or chemical spill, complete and submit a report form.

Lockdown Procedures

Northern College’s lockdown procedures address how to stay as safe as possible during a potential or actual threatening situation.

Our collective ability to lockdown as quickly and effectively as possible will save lives and assist emergency response personnel in the performance of their responsibilities.

Push Button Locations

Haileybury Campus

  • A114 – Reception/Front Office
  • D020 – Faculty Office
  • C204 – Cafeteria Kitchen Hallway
  • B116 – Vet Tech Faculty Office
  • C118 – Contact North
  • D212 – Academic Office

Haileybury Campus Push Button Locations [PDF, 710 KB]

Kirkland Lake Campus

  • A024 – Daycare
  • A108 – Student Services/Front Reception
  • G112 – Distance Learning
  • A202 – Library
  • G122 – Welding Office & Storage
  • G244 – Maintenance Department, Receiving

Kirkland Lake Campus Push Button Locations [PDF, 91 KB]

Moosonee Campus

  • Main Office
  • MPS Office
  • Billy Bishop School Office

Moosonee Campus Push Button Locations [PDF, 91 KB]

Timmins Campus

  • H015 – Trade Centre Office Area (Lower ‘H’ wing)
  • F145 – Faculty Staff Lounge (Upper ‘F’ wing)
  • G128 – Front Office Area Northern Training Division (Lower ‘G’ wing)
  • A120 – Security Office (‘A’ wing)
  • A118 – Student Services/Reception (‘A’ wing)
  • G218 – Office of the Executive Assistant to the President & BOG
  • A156 – Learning Resource Centre (‘A’ wing)
  • EEFHT Main Reception Area (Clinic)
  • B108 – Contact North Area – ( ‘B’ wing)
  • Cafeteria Office

Timmins Campus Push Button Locations [PDF, 714 KB]

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