AR4206 Ontario Building Code V

January 30, 2022

Using the Large Buildings 2003 material, this course will assist experienced students to review and become more familiar with the particular portions of the OBC dealing with large buildings. The course covers: Occupancy, Construction Types, Fire-Resistance, and Occupant Load, Fire Performance Ratings, Building Fire Safety – Part 1 dealing with Building Size and Construction Relative to Occupancy, Building Fire Safety – Part 2 dealing with Spatial Separation and Exposure Protection, Building Fire Safety – Part 3 dealing with Fire Suppression, Emergency Lighting, Mezzanines and Interconnected Floor Spaces, Safety Within Floor Areas, Exits, Vertical Transportation, Anchorage Systems for Fixed Ladders, Health Requirements, Barrier-Free Design, Portable Classrooms and Self-Service Storage Buildings, Public Pools and Public Spas, Rapid Transit Stations, Tents and Air-Supported Structures, Additional Requirements for Change of Use and Renovations and Wind, Water and Vapour Protection.

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