CV3003 Soil Mechanics

January 30, 2022

Soil are natural resources. They are necessary for our existence. Soils are the oldest and most complex engineering materials. They are used for almost everything from construction materials to agriculture. Soil Mechanics is the applications of engineering mechanics to the solution of problems dealing with soils as foundation and as construction materials. Every application of soil mechanics involves uncertainty because of the variability of soils – their stratification, composition and engineering properties. Hence, this course will focus on the properties of soil, such as its origin, grain-size distribution, ability to drain water, compressibility, shear strength, and load-bearing capacity. Soil improvement and applications will be added at the end. The student, upon completion of this course, will have a basic understanding of soil properties, applications, and behaviours under various imposed loads. Students will find various topics presented herein interesting and enlightening.

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