English Academic Program (GAS EAP)

March 2, 2022

EG2013 Students continue to build their listening and speaking skills. Through teacher instructions and small group listening and speaking activities, students continue to develop listening strategies and the ability to speak about familiar topics in a variety of situations.

EG2023 Students improve their reading comprehension skills and continue to develop reading strategies. Students read a variety of short texts and continue to build vocabulary.

EG2033 Students continue to develop grammar and sentence structure skills. They write coherent and organized paragraphs, using a combination of simple, compound and complex sentences.

EG2003 Students continue to develop and integrate listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. English for routine everyday social contexts in Canadian life is taught and practiced. Through in-class and online study, students improve their overall English skills to enhance general communication.

Course EG2043, EG3033, EG3043 are also completed

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