LC2063 Real Estate Law II

January 30, 2022

This course will begin with a review of the stages of a real estate transaction and the scope of practice of a law clerk. The impact of dealing with condominiums, residential tenancies, rural and new homes on a transaction will be explored.  It will analyze two case studies for two agreement of purchase and sales and students will conduct title searches in Teraview Training for both scenarios.The focus will then shift to opening a purchase and sale file for the case scenarios in Unity and students will create all the off-title documents that are required to complete residential real estate transactions. * Students will be using Unity software to create all the documents required and work on both a purchase and a sale file and the * Teraview Training environment to search real properties and create e-reg documents such as a transfer, charge and a discharge.

Prerequisite: LC1063 Introduction to Real Estate Law

42 Hours

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