MA3033 Mathematics III

January 30, 2022

MA3033 focuses on additional topics in algebra, geometry and trigonometry. Applications from many fields of technology are explored to show where and how mathematical techniques are used in the real world. Emphasis is placed on doing mathematics.

The learner is expected to apply time and effort to understanding the basic concepts. The learner is also expected to apply time and effort in demonstrating acquired knowledge by solving basic word problems involving technical applications. Using mathematics effectively in everyday situations requires the ability to apply a wide variety of mathematical skills accurately.

Students who successfully complete this course will have demonstrated their ability to apply the concepts of number and space to situations which include quantities, magnitudes, measurements, and ratios. They will have developed their ability to identify the need for mathematics, to apply mathematical techniques (concepts, conventions, strategies, and operations) and to check the results of their analyses. This will require flexibility, creativity and confidence which can only be gained through practice.

Elements of the Performance include:

  • Recognize real-life problems that require mathematics to solve
  • Assess potential mathematical strategies (including models, geometric representations or formulae, elementary algebraic equations, descriptive statistical methods, and mathematical reasoning) for suitability and effectiveness
  • Decide on the degree of accuracy required for answers
  • Estimate probable answers
  • Execute mathematical operations necessary to implement selected strategies
  • Use calculators or appropriate technological tools to perform mathematical operations accurately
  • Check for errors in numerical answers and the appropriate fit between problems and answers
  • Express answers clearly
  • Transfer the use of mathematical strategies from one situation to another

45 Hours

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