AG2000 Master Stylist I

June 27, 2023

This course will help the students to prepare for their testing towards their Master Stylist Certfification. Three groups of dogs will be covered, including the Sporting, Non-Sporting and the Terrier group. They will learn how to identify each dog from the assigned group as well as learn the characteristics of each and their grooming requirements. A total of 89 breeds will be covered.

This 2 hour/week grooming theory course prepares you for the finer points you’ll need to know about sporting, non-sporting and terrier dog breeds and their related styling requirements so you can earn two certifications through the industry-recognized Canadian Professional Pet Stylists:
1) Canadian Canine Bather Technician (CCBT1) – a Certified Bather/Dryer.
2) Canadian Canine Bather Double Coated Technician (CCBDCT1) – a Certified Bather/Dryer.

There will be an opportunity in the final week of April (after the other courses in the grooming program are completed) to write your theory exams and do the practical skill grooming exams for CCBT1 and CCBDCT1 credentials.

28 Hours

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