ME6004 Advanced Dynamics of Machines

January 30, 2022

In this course students build upon knowledge and concepts from the previous dynamics course. The relationships between work and force, work and energy, energy and power will be learned. Conservation of forces, conservation of energy (potential, kinetic, electrical), and efficiency will be discussed. Linear and angular momentum and impulse principles will be analyzed with respect to systems of particles and impact examples. Conservation of momentum and conservation of energy will be used to analyze problems. Three-dimensional kinematics of rigid bodies will be analyzed with respect to velocities and accelerations. Students will also create mechanism displacement diagrams (for straight and curved links) of machine members using the relative velocity method, instantaneous centres, velocity polygon, relative acceleration polygon, coriolis acceleration, machine dynamics which includes inertia force method and analysis of translation, rotation, and plane motion, balancing rotating and reciprocating masses, and whirling of shafts.

42 Hours

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