Mining Field School I

January 30, 2022

The Mining Engineering Technician program requires two Field School components to be completed on-site in Haileybury. The Field Schools are typically two weeks in length and take place in May.

Field School I includes:

MI3043 Surveying II
In this 1-week survey field course, a “hands-on” project-oriented approach is emphasized. Projects will include operating an automatic level to run a level loop and operating a total station to measure the distances and interior angles of a survey traverse. Emphasis will be placed on maintaining proper field notes.
45 Hours

MI3163 Mineralogy and Geology III
In this field school, the student will learn to recognize geological features such as faults, striations, roche moutonnées, pillow lavas, sills, dykes, varves, ripple marks, rock textures, etc. that were previously studied in the curriculum materials. Local geological history will be synthesized and explained by studying field relationships of nearby rocks. The student will also become familiar with certain field mapping/illustration techniques. A panorama of cross-sections across the Cobalt camp will be developed. Students will study hand specimens to visually reinforce mineral properties previously studied, as a means of learning and identifying minerals; at the same time, students will study hand specimens of mineral groups including the native elements, sulfides and arsenides. Mines, equipment, mining methods and impact of the Cobalt mining camp will be studied. 45 Hours

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