PF1032 Technology in Policing

January 30, 2022

This course has been developed to acquaint students interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement with the technologies utilized in the criminal justice field. Through an examination of historical and current operating systems, students will receive an introduction to various computer programs including; Enhanced 911, Records Management System (RMS), Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC), and Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), which includes detailed mapping information. In addition, students will learn how these systems are integrated globally through the National Crime Information Centre (NCIC) and Interpol and the correlation between them. Students will be introduced to the world of Social Media and how it relates to policing in todays society. Online threats, harassment and online scams will be examined to demonstrate how police use technology to investigate this growing online criminal trend. Further, students will participate in broader discussions pertaining to the advantages and disadvantages of available technologies and be able to critically analyse the pros and cons of its impact on today’s policing community.

42 Hours

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