PF4006 Community Placement

January 30, 2022

The community placement is designed to be a cooperative endeavor between the College’s Police Foundations program and various community agencies, service organizations and social service providers. The objective is to provide Police Foundations students with an opportunity to engage with both the service providers and service recipients in an effort to better understand the impact of socio-economic trends, personal and family dynamics on various individuals in our community. Students will engage in direct service provision in the form of volunteering. Students will work to solidify and practice a variety of critical skills to engage in professional relationship building, self-evaluation, self-care, and professional development. Students will take part in four Seminar days occurring approximately one day per month throughout the course. The content of the seminar will include presentations of volunteer experiences done in the context of skills applications and professional practices. The goal of both the seminars and the volunteer experience is to assist the Police Foundations student in acquiring greater self-awareness, intellectual growth, well-being, and understanding of others.

84 Hours

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