PF4073 Professional Issues, Research & Ethics

January 30, 2022

Internet access by mass media to down loads from cell phones within hours of an event has led to high levels of scrutiny by the public and governments of police officers. Ethical behavior and the fallout from inappropriate conduct are some of the most critical issues facing organizations today. This course explores ethical issues, controversies, and professional scenarios faced by police officers as individuals and professionals. Students are provided with opportunities to identify and clarify their values to then establish a framework for ethical decision making. They will research and examine a variety of professional ethical codes to then apply ethical decision making models to dilemmas in their personal and professional lives. Scenario-based training exercises centred on ethics are presented throughout the course, to reinforce equitable, effective, and ethical behaviour among the students. As a result, students will hone their ability to think critically and carefully about their actions, their decisions, and their values.

42 Hours

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