PH2103 Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

January 30, 2022

Thinking/Problem Solving will enable the learner to assess the arguments of others by equipping them with the skills to assess the truth in claims put forward in support of a conclusion, and to assess the structure and consistency of the argument itself. The learner will also discover how to effectively construct arguments to advocate for their own positions. As a result, the learner will develop their ability to critique the claims of others, to understand and articulate their own opinions, and to make the best decision in a given set of circumstances. Learners will also gain insight in the values and ethics and the role this plays in the presentation of an argument. Topics covered will include epistemology, logic, recognizing, evaluating constructing arguments, as well as recognizing reasoning errors. Learners will also develop the skill of fair-mindedness.

42 Hours

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