PR3053 Fitness Maintenance

January 30, 2022

This course is designed to continue to provide students with important knowledge on a number of health related issues while focusing on the muscular strength, power and endurance. Emphasis will be placed on practical applications and essential exercise prescriptions that will improve and maintain the students’ targeted occupational fitness components. The students will receive instructions on how to maintain fitness levels and continue progression towards maintaining and evolving components of physical well-being. Additional elements may include body composition, weight management and the possibility of some basic self defense. The training methods will vary and will incorporate the use of plyometrics; core body strength, resistance techniques (weights and machines), specific lifting tasks with relevant equipment and other specific types of exercises aimed at helping students achieve the level of physical fitness required of a paramedic. With the help of the professor, students will prepare and learn to effectively monitor their individual fitness programs and progressions by improving abilities to log exercise data and alter it to continue attain set goals. The final grade for the course will include some of the following: professionalism and attendance, log book completion and successful completion of a technical lift evaluation. Students will be encouraged to continue the maintenance program during their entire career.

42 Hours

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