SE6023 Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution

January 30, 2022

One of the traditional surprises for employees in any company/organization is the degree of resistance and conflict inherent in their work. They experience frustration caused by their inability to effectively consolidate group energies and skills into action. Paradoxically, this resistance and conflict often comes from the administrations that hired them or those work groups they are helping.

This course presents conflict and conflict resolution as natural and healthy in organizational leadership roles. In fact, effective leaders are continuously evaluating the existing structures, processes, paradigms, practices, and qualitative objectives they encounter. They embrace change and by definition change creates conflict. Effective leaders create conflict and have the capacity, skill, and character to get people through it.

This course is designed to have the learner understand that conflict is a natural phenomenon, present in all relationships. Learners will examine the origins of conflict and its effects on individuals, groups, and organizations. Participants will learn to recognize the behaviors related to different parts of conflict relationships.

Through understanding the current models of conflict resolution, mediation, alternative dispute resolution, problem solving, and group facilitation, participants will learn to apply different techniques to appropriate situations. With a strong focus on prevention by design, participants will learn how to assist individuals and groups in resolving their differences and conflicts and lead in the establishment of a culture of collaboration and a focus on achieving common goals.

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