VT1013 Clinical Studies I

January 30, 2022

This course is an introduction to the responsibilities of a veterinary technician working in a clinic. It begins by emphasizing safety for both the animal and handler in applying appropriate physical restraint. Students are alerted to other common hazards of the profession, such as those found in anesthesia, radiology and zoonosis. Further areas of study include: taking the history, conducting a physical examination, keeping medical records, animal identification, skin and coat care, vaccination and parasite control In this course, students learn veterinary terminology so they can communicate with other members of the veterinary team and understand the literature of the profession. The course delineates the different roles for veterinarians, technicians and assistants on the veterinary team and discusses professional organizations that determine the scope of practice for each. Students are made aware of the continuing education opportunities open to graduate technicians.

42 Hours

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