VT3093 Clinical Studies III

January 30, 2022

The veterinary technician student will learn to prepare patients for surgery, and describe how to utilize surgical instruments and equipment. The student will understand the theory of setting up and controlling the surgical site and its environment. Students will be introduced to scrubbing in to assist the veterinarian in surgery. The student will learn how to properly open and handle surgical packs, and suture material. The student will learn the theory of maintaining a sterile environment without causing contamination. The student will learn how to carry out postoperative care, monitoring and final client instructions. Students will learn how to assess, treat, and stabilize an emergency situation by telephone or in the clinic. The student will study how to speak to clients and what procedures are to be carried out in specific emergency situations- bandaging procedures, wound care and when to apply splints, casts and other external supports.

42 Hours

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