Veterinary Sciences Micro-Credentials

Veterinary Sciences:

Are you interested in large animal medicine, but find that you are lacking the experience and additional training required to be competent in the field? Is your current employer absolutely swamped with work and unable to find the time to help you develop those skills? Then this certificate may be your answer.

Northern’s Large Animal Certificate program is designed by leading industry experts to provide additional training and experience to graduates of a recognized veterinary technician program.

How It Works

Each micro-credential is a stand-alone course. They are designed to provide a graduate veterinary technician with the necessary knowledge and skills to meet the evolving needs of the various large animal species.

The length and amount of material in each course is variable. The asynchronous online component allows participants to maintain full time employment within a veterinary practice.

Many feature a flexible placement requirement with specific tasks to be completed with the supervision and support of experienced technicians and veterinarians.

At each session’s end, there will be an in-person training and skills evaluation (“Farm School”) over a few days in Haileybury, Ontario.

Micro-Credential Courses Offered

Dairy Cattle Health Production Medicine and Software (Dairy Cattle I)

This micro-credential was designed by Dr. Ray Reynan (past President of the OABP and CABV) and Wayne Shewfelt (past President of OABP and former winner of the prestigious AABP Dairy Veterinary of the Year award. Successful candidates will be able to function independently and confidently as part of a veterinary service delivery team. These micro-credentials are offered online with cumulative Farm School Assessment in Haileybury, Ontario.


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