Northern College Congratulates the Recipient of 2019’s Governor General’s Academic Medal

June 10, 2019

HAILEYBURY, ON: Northern College is pleased to congratulate this year’s Governor General’s Academic Bronze Medal recipient Jeffrey Schok.

Schok successfully graduated from Northern College’s Haileybury School of Mines Mining Engineering Technician program as part of the class of 2019.

His outstanding grades, dedication to his program and ability to balance his career, family and studies made him the stand out candidate for this prestigious award.

Northern College’s Haileybury School of Mines Mining Engineering Technician graduate Jeffrey Schok receives the Governor General’s Academic Bronze Medal for outstanding academic achievement. From left to right: Recipient Jeffrey Schok and Northern College President & CEO Fred Gibbons.

“His dedication and commitment to academic excellence was beyond anything I’ve ever seen,” said Northern College’s Haileybury School of Mines professor Kimberley Norman. “His devotion to this online program, commitment to the Haileybury School of Mines and his passion for promoting about what we offer at Northern College is certainly worth celebrating with such a high honor.”

Northern College is proud to be able to offer this level of recognition to its outstanding students who showcase the core foundations of its mission statement and the values outlined in the Governor General’s Academic Medal recipients criteria.

“Jeffrey displayed everything that we would look for in a Governor General’s Academic Medal candidate,” said Norman. “In addition to working full time as a senior mining analyst, Jeffrey succeeded while raising three children. To achieve such a high level of academic success while managing all of these things is something we’re proud to recognize.”

Since 1873, the Governor General’s Medal has been one of the most prestigious awards that can be received by a student in a Canadian educational institution. Recognizing exceptional academic achievement, the award is issued to numerous approved educational institutions across the country. Recipients join a long list of winners including Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Kim Campbell and Tommy Douglas.


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