Northern College Looks to Strengthen Ties with Local School Board

May 3, 2019

TIMMINS, ON: Northern College celebrates its close working relationship with District School Board Ontario North East (DSBONE.)

Throughout its history, Northern has maintained working relationships with school boards that fall within its catchment region, and following meetings with DSBONE executives this past fall the College is pleased to announce that it will be working more closely with the regional English Public board.

We are all in the business of learning, and successful outcomes for students in this region” stated Dr. Audrey J. Penner, Vice President Academic and Student Success. “Northern College also recognizes that a lot of teachers in the public system, have not had a college experience, so building that understanding is critical to helping students make informed choices.”

Northern College invited DSBONE to hold its annual general meeting at its Timmins Campus. Choosing to forgo a traditional college services explanation exercise, Northern opted to open classrooms and facilities for a hands on example of the college’s experiential learning techniques.

“We had the principals and Vice principals, deal with the same simulated emergencies that our students have to resolve. The technology used is state of the art, and the interdisciplinary nature of what our graduates do in emergency services was clearly a hit with our DSBONE colleagues, stated Dr. Penner. “We also demonstrated our use of VR for learning, and they enjoyed being a “Vet Tech” for a day, through a virtual medium”

DSBONE principals and vice principals experienced post-secondary education through the eyes of Northern College students – an experience they described as eye opening.

“We are so grateful for Northern College’s hospitality on April 9th,” stated DSBONE Director of Education Lesleigh Dye. “Our system leaders learned so much about the amazing pathways and opportunities for our students, we are proud to continue to grow our partnership with Northern.”

Northern College is built on partnership, whether through regional school boards like DSBONE or through industry and employment services.


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