Northern College Announces Fundraiser, Beards Off for Bursaries, Event to Honour Jack Pacey

June 7, 2022

KIRKLAND LAKE, ON: Earlier this month, Northern College’s Kirkland Lake Campus lost one of their own longtime welding professor emeritus, Jack Pacey.

Known for his gentle demeanor, kindness, dedication to community and incredible contributions to the Welding programs at Northern, his fellow faculty and staff members have committed to creating an award in his honour and are willing to stake their facial hair on it.

“Jack meant so much to all of us. He was an inspiration in his field and his efforts during his time at Northern laid the foundation for so much of what we do in the welding department,” stated Welding Program Coordinator, Joshua Fuller of Professor Pacey. “He was larger than life and known for his beard, so we’ve decided to honour his memory by raising funds for a new bursary in his name.”

“A handful of us have agreed to shave our beards to raise the money we need to kickstart this bursary,” added Fuller.

Fuller, along with fellow welding faculty professor, Tim Skjonsby, and Jeff Molyneaux, Executive Director at MaJIC who is also a Northern College Board Member, will also be losing their facial hair for the cause. Each hope to raise a set amount of money before going under the razor.

“Tim says it will take 1,000 dollars for him to get rid of his beard,” stated Josh. “I am a little more pricey at 3000 dollars, and Jeff has agreed to do the same for no less than 10,000 dollars, as he really, really value his beard. This is just a really fun way to honour Jack’s memory and continue to contribute to the success of our students, like Jack spent so much of his life doing.”

Skjonsby will be losing his beard on June 14, Fuller will be shaving his on June 21, and Molyneaux will go under the razor on July 12, if all goes as planned.

“This is part of what makes Northern College and the Kirkland Lake Campus so special – it is literally the length we will go to support our students,” stated Kirkland Lake Campus Manager Drew Enouy of the scholarship monies being raised through these efforts. “Depending on how things go, I may even be willing to shave my beard, but I’ll be coming in at that 10,000 dollar mark and no less,” Enouy added.

Enouy agreed to go under the razor alongside Molyneaux on July 12, if the required funds are raised.

Those wishing to donate to the creation of the bursary can do so by either visiting the Kirkland Lake Campus, or by visiting and selecting the Jack Pacey Memorial award.

All are encouraged to attend the Beards Off for Bursaries campus events on June 14, June 21 and July 12 in the cafeteria at the Kirkland Lake Campus at 12:30 p.m. A fun event is planned with free pizza and drinks for everyone on hand.

Those looking for more information can contact Nicole Gingras at with the Northern College Foundation.

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