Northern College Leads Province in Graduate Satisfaction Rate

February 28, 2024

TIMMINS, ON:  Northern College has once again outpaced the provincial average in annual Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for Ontario Colleges in all categories.

Each year, Colleges Ontario facilitates a poll of students attending colleges in the province to ascertain how they feel about their college and educational experiences. This data is then collated and issued to each of Ontario’s 24 colleges to help them assess how they are performing their core mandate.

“These benchmarks are incredibly important to our ongoing operations,” stated Mitch Dumas, Northern College President & CEO. “There are many ways in which our students can offer their feedback on how we’re doing at educating them, but seldom are we placed in a position to see how we’re doing compared to other institutions in the province.”

Northern topped two categories this year. It was number one in the province out of all English-speaking colleges in employer satisfaction, as well as a grad employment rate that is the highest in the province.

Northern College scored 94.4 per cent in graduate employment, well above the 85.6 per cent provincial median, and 84.1 per cent in graduate satisfaction, again, well above the 76.8 per cent median. The College also saw a 100 per cent score in employer satisfaction (91.8 per cent median).

“As always, the news is good. We take what we do at Northern very seriously and it’s wonderful to see that effort paying off for our students, graduates and regional employers,” added Dumas of the College’s ranking.

Northern College was also ahead of the curve in graduation rate with 66.3 per cent, above the 65 per cent provincial median.

“Education and the way that we implement learning for our students is something we spend a lot of time on,” stated Dean Lessard, Northern College’s Senior Vice President Academic. “Fundamentally, the value of that education – and the quality of the job we’re doing – really shows with a high graduate satisfaction rate.”

“This means that our students are not only finding work in their chosen field, but that they feel well prepared to not only do, but succeed in the field that they’ve studied so hard to join,” added Lessard.

Northern College is proud of these results and will continue to work diligently to maintain and improve them in the coming year.

“This is very much a team effort and every member of our Northern College family can be proud of this accomplishment,” stated Dumas.

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