Northern College Returns to Class

September 7, 2021

TIMMINS, ON: Northern College is pleased to announce a return to campus for the upcoming Fall semester after over a year and a half of distancing learning for its dedicated students.

To help ease the transition from digital to in person learning, all Northern College staff will be returning to the office as well, having dealt with a similar length hiatus in order accommodate the health and safety measures required to deal with a world-wide pandemic.

“The COVID-19 pandemic, as we’ve experienced has been something none of us could have predicted,” stated Aaron Klooster, Northern College Vice President of Academic and Student Success. “The resilience and dedication of the Northern College family and its students truly shone during these dark and uncertain times, and I am so pleased at this opportunity for a return to some semblance of normal.”

With a concentrated focus on health and safety, Northern College will be welcoming students back to each of its campuses, working to ensure a balance that reflects the kind of education Northern is known for, with the safety measures that were honed with great success in 2020.

“We were chosen by the Ministry to pilot on-site delivery of trades programs last summer,” stated Klooster. “We’ve recently been given the go-ahead to pilot a ‘quick screening’ swabbing, under the direction of our East End Family Health Clinic, and it is our hope that the experience gleaned from the trades pilot program and this health care support will ensure a successful return to campus for students and staff alike.”

Students enrolled in Northern College programs and living in residence on campus will be required to prove a full vaccination record before mid-October, with proof of one administered dose before being allowed to move in. All employees across all campuses will also need such proof.

“Safety is our utmost concern as we look towards this return to normal operations on our campuses,” stated Klooster. “We are doing everything we can to establish rules and regulations that ensure the safety of everyone attending Northern College. We understand that this will take teamwork, understanding and an appreciation for nuance, but we are confident that we can continue to offer high quality programming in a safe environment.”

Throughout the worst of the pandemic, Northern College didn’t have a single outbreak at any of its campuses, did not permanently lay off any staff, and did not need to close any programs due to the spread of COVID.

“We have much to celebrate at Northern,” stated Klooster. “While we, as educators, share knowledge, it is important to remember our ability to learn and grow during times of struggle and hardship and I am proud to say that we’ve done just that, with resounding success.”

“We plan to take this new-found knowledge and apply it to our operations as we look forward to a new, post-pandemic reality, ensuring the possibility of success and a guarantee safety for all of those who pass through our halls in the Fall.”

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