Northern College Invests Three Million Dollars in Infrastructure Upgrades

September 3, 2019

TIMMINS, ON: Northern College is pleased to announce the completion of three million dollars in facilities upgrades across all four of its campuses in time for the fall 2019 semester and the return of its student body.

Throughout the summer break, a number of different facilities upgrades, repairs and improvements were made to ensure the longevity of College buildings and the quality of student experience.

“The projects undertaken this fiscal period represent the colleges ongoing commitment to maintaining our existing infrastructure,” stated Stephane Lefebvre, Northern College’s Plant and Property Manager. “Investing in our built environment allows us to further support our program needs.”

Northern invested over 1.5 million dollars towards preventative maintenance and repair on the roofs of the Haileybury, Kirkland Lake and Moosonee Campuses, part of an ongoing, college-wide initiative to ensure college facilities are as modern and energy efficient as possible.

Many of the upgrading projects undertaken this summer include efforts to improve student experience by consolidating faculty and staff workspaces at Northern’s Kirkland Lake Campus.

“The completion of the Kirkland Lake Campus Hub project focused on student accessibility, promoting a 360 degree student and client support centre,” stated Lefebvre. “By grouping our staff and services together, we are focused on strengthening campus spirit and culture by increasing interaction between internal and external stakeholders.”

Northern College is committed to providing students the best possible educational experience, a commitment that extends beyond classroom amenities and into the way it coordinates the accessibility of the services on offer, from office locations to parking lot repairs including the overall look and feel of its campus facilities.

“We are also working collaboratively with other departments within the college, such as Marketing to improve the overall image and appearance of our campus buildings and to promote our brand,” stated Lefebvre.

Work will continue at the Timmins Campus throughout the fall to remodel existing facilities to accommodate new programs and Innovation Hub workspaces through partnerships with community stakeholders.


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