Northern College Unveils Portraits of Past Presidents

February 8, 2023

TIMMINS, ON: As part of the ongoing effort to forge its path and shape its future, Northern College is celebrating current and past presidents of the organization by installing portraits at each of its four campuses.

Since its founding in 1967, Northern College has been led by eight presidents, each of whom have left a lasting legacy on the institution, helping to shape the education and experiences of thousands of students along the way.

“As Northern College plans for a sustainable future, it is important to take a look back at what we’ve accomplished and celebrate those who held critical roles in the healthy growth and development of this institution,” stated Dr. Audrey J. Penner, Northern College President & CEO. “The path that we follow is as much defined by the possibilities of the future as it is the lessons learned along the way.”

“We hope that through showing our students and employees glimpses into our history, the journey we have taken, and the faces of those who led us here, they are inspired to achieve their own place in history,” she added. “You do not know where you are going unless you know where you have been.”

This display is the beginning of a series of activities to celebrate the art and history of Northern College. The display will consist of past presidents O.E. Walli, J.H. Drysdale, Richard G.A. Mackie, Robert Gervais, Noella McNair, Michael Hill, Dr. Fred Gibbons and current President Dr. Audrey J. Penner.

“Education inherently draws on lessons learned in the past,” stated Northern College Chief Cultural Officer Susan Hunter. “We determine our path forward through those lessons, placing focus on the things that may not have been possible in the past, knowing that this may be the time to make those dreams come true now.”

“It is as true for this institution, as it is for every one of our students,” she added.

Northern College will host a series of unveilings at each of its four main campuses, ensuring that all of its students can draw inspiration from the institution’s unique and storied past.

The Timmins date for the event will be on February 8 at 9:30a.m. outside of H116. Other campus dates will be announced as they are scheduled.

Families and community members are invited to take part in the event.


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