Parking Information for Timmins, Kirkland Lake & Haileybury Campuses

September 1, 2022

Northern College’s online parking permit system has launched today.

All students can now create an account through HotSpot Parking or log in to an existing account and purchase a permit.

A few important pieces of information to note are below:

  1. If you are assigning more then 1 license plate to your permit be sure the vehicle you drive the most is the default vehicle.  When you bring an alternate vehicle to campus you will be required to log in to your account and update your permit to the license plate of the vehicle parked on campus that day.  The enforcement tool used by the 3 municipalities will only look for the default vehicle associated to any given permit.  The provider has advised us this is set up in this fashion as a way to discourage permit sharing.  Once an account is created it’s quick and easy to update this information, and can be done in a matter of a minute or two.
  2. Permits must be in place prior to the October 1st date for the start of parking enforcement.  On October 1st enforcement will begin in Timmins, Haileybury and Kirkland Lake.  This will include all visitor parking areas, assigned parking spots, accessible parking spots and fire routes.  Please ensure you are legally parked to avoid a parking ticket.  Also, with upgrades and improvements are completed on the campus parking lots, it is important to make sure where you are parked is actually in a designated parking spot.  Some areas had a bit of a redesign with some driveways/throughways being added to ensure people can easily enter and exit the parking lot.  Take note of where you are parking, and if it doesn’t have the yellow parking stall painted it isn’t an actual parking spot.  Parking here would be considered blocking a driveway in the eyes of enforcement staff.
  3. Support questions or technical issues are to be directed to HotSpot Parking at or 1-855-712-5888.  The app also features a section for parking ticket disputes.  Such issues will no longer be addressed in house as our provider does offer 24/7 support.  General internal questions can be forwarded to and these will be addressed in subsequent e-mails.

Northern College thanks you for your continued support and cooperation as we implement this parking process across our campuses.

Northern College Parking Department

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