Northern College Looks to the Future: Unveils New Mission, Vision, and Strategic Plan

January 27, 2021

TIMMINS, ON: Northern College is pleased to announce its unveiling of a new Strategic Plan to guide the institution towards a Strategic Destination set for 2025. The Mission and Vision are based on these new Strategic directions being launched by the organization as well.

The College’s new Vision is: ‘Empowerment through learning to build a better world.’ The Mission has been transformed to: ‘Building community across the North through partnerships and excellence in education.’ The three Strategic Directions for the institution are: ‘Indigenous Education and Empowerment, Innovative Access, and Invigorating Northern Experiences.’

Sharing with the Northern College family, President and CEO, Dr. Audrey J. Penner prefaced the guiding document by saying that from its inception, this strategic pathway was designed ‘for the people, by the people.’

“This plan was created by members of a Strategic Planning Committee here at Northern,” stated Penner. “One student and 14 employees, representing all four Northern College campus communities, as well as student and employee groups, including an off-site location [Employment Options Emploi], came together to do this work. We are grateful and inspired by their contributions.”

Development of the document meant Northern College cast a wide net, garnering rich and diverse responses from Northern students, alumni, employees, faculty, local and regional communities, including Indigenous organizations and rights holders. The strategic planning survey received an exceptional 23 per cent response rate, giving members of the Strategic Planning Committee deep insight into the priorities held by all parties involved, allowing a well-rounded and robust plan for the future of Northern College.

“The support of those in the region who responded to our call for feedback, allowed access to significant amounts of data and speaks to the dedication of communities in wanting a local College that can help the workforce, and increase the quality of life for many,” stated Doug Walsh, Chair of the College’s Board of Governors of the community’s supportive response. “We have acted on their guidance accordingly, refreshing the Mission and Vision of the College, along with renewing our commitments to the needs of students, the workforce and the larger society we serve and are a part of, through the work we do.”

The Northern College Strategic Plan aims for the horizon, and will be rolled out immediately, setting direct markers to achieve success.

“With an increased approach to collaboration, combined with the commitments we hold so dear, there is no end to what we can accomplish together,” said Penner. “The Senior Management Team, the Board of Governors and I will be working with our employees on bringing the Mission and Vision to life through our everyday tasks, as well as strategic initiatives. We will move forward with our partners and industry in accordance with this new Strategic Plan.”

Northern College has begun to integrate the Strategic Plan into the 2021-22 business plan, as well as daily operations at the College. Employees are encouraged to refer to the new Mission and Vision to help guide them in their work, both short and long term.

“These statements and plans are more than words on a page,” explained Willard Small, member of the College’s Strategic Planning Committee, long-time employee of the College and Indigenous Student Advisor from the Moosonee campus. “They are guideposts as to why we are here, giving further meaning to everything we do and why we do it. The world is in need of more connection and hope, at this time more than ever, and Northern College can be that for our region and the larger world when we are guided from a place of purpose and inspiration.”

“This is a moment of great pride for the organization. I have no doubt, together, we will have many things to celebrate going forward,” added Penner.

Find Northern College’s new Strategic Plan, including its new Mission and Vision, here:


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